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We a clean car detail are proud to be using environmentally safe products along with our state-of-the-art equipment , which give brilliant finishes that are swirl-free. we hand wash using 100% cotton chenille wash mitts, clean with citrus-based products using ultra soft brushes, and protect with the finest polish and waxes available. maintaining your vehicle's exterior and interior surfaces enhances the appearance of your vehicle while protecting the value of your investment . CLEAN-CAR is only barrier between your investment and a potential loss at the time of resale.

Our Services

Convenient Pickup and Dropoff

We pick up your car at a location you designate and return it to you by the time you need it again.

Proudly Serving San Francisco

We're located in 999 California st. San Francisco ca 94108, Intercontinental parking lot.

Our Packages

Below are our premium packages that we offer to our customers. We use high quality nanotech car detailing products for exterior, interior, and glass. NEW! We have products that kill 99% of bacteria.


Along with our detailing options, we also provide the following services to make sure your car looks pristine. We handle UV sun damage, acid rain, tree gum, industrial powders and residues, bird droppings, and more.

Paint correction

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Headlight Restoration

Starting at $35

Minor Paint Touch Up

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Paint Swirl Removal

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Overspray Removal

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Clay Bar

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Hours: 8am – 4pm Mon-Sun (appointment required)

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Available: 8am – 4pm Mon-Sun (appointment required)


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